Sunday, July 15, 2012

Passed Week 2 and I am still at it!

I am in the middle of my 3rd week of my latest attempt at my journey to health.
I have been extremely faithful to my 4 goals I posted last time.   Last week I ended up dropping a big fat ZERO.   This was extremely frustrating but it did teach me a couple of things.  1.   My body has to have a workout in the morning and then later in the day in order to drop weight.   2.   I have to be so much better about how much I eat when attending events.   I went to a Polo Match  last Saturday and the food was incredibly yummy (If you need a caterer go to Culinary Crafts....seriously the food was heavenly.  They made trout taste like protein candy!) so I just kept eating.   BIG MISTAKE!   I was so sick the rest of the day and into the next morning.   No wonder when I stepped on the scale a few days later, for my weekly weigh-in, I hadn't lost anything.   

This week I have added an additional workout later in my day.   So I do Cardio (mostly interval cardio) walk/aerobics dvd for 1/2 hour then I interval bike for 1/2 hour (I am up to 9 miles in 30 minutes....this may not be much but it is tons to me!).   Then around 3pm (sometimes later in the evening if I have alot going on) I do "Just Dance" high intensity songs for 45 mins to an hour or I go on a brisk walk for an 1/2 hour to an 1 hour.  Every other morning I add weight circuit to my routine and that lasts around 1/2 or a little more.  My goal this week with weigh loss is to drop another 5 pounds.   My daughters birthday was yesterday so I had a little cake and then today I was so hungry after church I ate lunch but then gave in and ate cake again so I am worried about that but I didn't lose control so I believe I still stayed in my calories.   I wish I wouldn't have eaten it though.

I weigh in on Tuesdays so we will see what the scale says.  
Hoping it is at least 5 down!

I have noticed two funny things....
1.  Watching reruns of "The Biggest Loser" helps me stay focused on my goal and helps with my motivation.
2.  The more I sweat the more I sweat.   I am working hard enough now that my clothes are really wet when I am done working out.   But I am also noticing I start sweating much easier when I am doing house chores or other things around the house.   Not sure what that means....weird.  lol  :)

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  1. Fantastic ! I am so proud of you ! You are doing great ! I can't wait to hear your results .