Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Working it off.

It has been many months since I posted on this blog.   I kind of gave up my attempts to drop weight back in July.   It felt too hard and my motivation wasn't where it needed to be.    But things have changed big since then.   I have been working out regularly for 6 weeks now and I am down over 20 pounds.   I think I may have put a few back on during New Years week but even through Christmas I dropped weight.   I am so happy with the direction I am heading!    It is amazing what a little motivation will do for you.   My motivation came in two parts.   The first was came while sitting in the ER one evening back in November.   I had been dealing with a rapid heart rate and palpitations for weeks but that day it was worse and my blood pressure was up which even with my 100 pounds extra weight was unsual for me.    I was scared and I realized as I sat there just how out of wack I had let myself get!   The second part of my motivation came as I sat in my doctors office talking with her about the heart monitor results.   My heart rate problem was brought on because of stress and anxeity.   My body just can't handle much these days.    Those who know me know how much I love to serve and volunteer my time and talents in my church and in the adoption community.   I also love serving children and have a special place in my heart for children who need a family.   I have had to pretty much curtail most of my service because of my health.    My doctor said some words to me that was the final catalyst to get me off my dairy-air and  actually make myself work.  My doctor said if I take time now to take care of myself I can be better use to my family and serve in things I enjoy for years to come.   I know it sounds simple but the words and the meaning went deep into my heart.    I knew she was speaking truth and she was telling me exactly what I need to know right then.   I needed to see outside of myself and realize what I am doing to myself by not doing anything FOR myself.

The past 6+ weeks haven't been easy (especially trying to drop pounds during the holiday season) but I am doing it .   I have support from friends, from my incredible hubby and most importantly I know God is helping me.    I am moving forward and working it off!    It is nice to come into the New Year already working on the goal I would have isn't just a goal it is my new way of life!   So thankful!!!