Friday, August 3, 2012

Week 5: Struggling

I am still at a 10 pound more....maybe less, but I won't know for sure for another week.   I am so frustrated.   I am working HARD!!!   2-3 hours each day I workout.  Not some light workout....hard work!   I am running bleachers, walk/running on treadmill, increasing the intesity when walking on treadmill by moving the incline up every 3 minutes.   I am lifting weights, doing crunches, push ups and a whole bunch of other things.   I use the workout listed in the Biggest Loser book.   I am biking 9 miles in 30 minutes on my indoor bike, I am taking my kids (weight totals 200 pounds) for wagon rides where I tie a belt around my waist and attatch it to the wagon and I pull them for 2 miles.   I am sweating like crazy...dripping sweat!   I am watching what I eat.   I am FRUSTRATED!!!!   I am not losing and today when I got on the scale I was 2 pounds up.  

So these are the changes I am making....
1.   Way more water.  My goal is to drink four 62 ounces cups a day.
2.   Watch the calories in even more carefully.
3.   More sleep....I know I need more.
4.   Stick with my other goals.

If this doesn't work I am not sure what is left to try.  I know the weight loss hasn't stopped because of lack of exercise....I know I am doing enough and a high intensity.   I want to break out of the 220's so bad!!!!  

I am trying to hang on and not give up....but today I feel like I am waivering a little.   I have changed my weigh-in day to Friday's.    Hoping this will give me better motivation for the weekend.   Weekend is the hardest for me.

I know this blog is hardly read by anyone....but if you happen across it and have been through this please send me words of encouragement!   I feel like I am on the verge of giving up.

I an under some stress right now...not sure if that is what has made this difficult or not.   I have a friend who has been having some mental health issues and so I have been helping her with her daughter while she gets better.  I have had a few other things going on causing some stress and irritation.  I feel like I need a great big cry and I will feel better.  lol  :)   I am going to see the new batman movie this weekend...that should help.  ;)  

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